Monday, January 7, 2008


Photo taken at the aquarium Feb 2013
Based on my friend's blog I decided that I might have better chances making an online journal-like writing more easily than trying to keep a written journal which I have failed at on many occasions.  When I started this I was on class break for a few weeks and I had a nice time, though I didn't really go anywhere. For those of you who don't know I was living in Monterey, California studying Korean at the Defense Language Institute.

I am in the Air Force and most of the time I enjoy my time though it can be difficult, and annoying things happen every so often for example one Friday we had a "Welcome back" briefing (which for those of you non-military types is just another word for meeting). That morning, and the next day as well, the weather was terrible with pouring rain and 70mph+ winds; of course the power was out, which frequently happens on the post. Well, during the meeting we were all informed of a drivers safety meeting which was to be held that afternoon at 1pm which really upset a lot of people but especially those of us who live off base and have to drive back and forth whenever we have meetings and such.  Well, they said that if the power is still out at the time of the meeting they would not be able to hold the meeting (powerpoint only works on computers that are powered up and can only be seen by large groups when projected on screens by projectors that are powered up). The instructions were, to contact the office at noon to confirm if the meeting was still going to be held; which is not all that great because there are over a 1,000 people that had to attend the meeting and if all of them called at the same time no one would be able to get through. Nonetheless we were a little smarter than that and most of us called our individual group leaders to confirm the meeting. At 12:10(ish) I spoke with my leader and he confirmed that the meeting was still on; I got a ride with him and we picked up a few other people on the way and drove the 15+ minutes to work. Of course this was in a torrential downpour and high winds so much that we didn't feel safe driving the highway so it took a little longer.  Then, when we were about 200 yards from the building where we were to have the meeting, we saw hundreds of other Airmen turning around and walking back towards the dorms. Of course the meeting had been canceled. So, we had been out driving in dangerous weather to try to go to a meeting to tell us not to drive in dangerous conditions only to get almost there and it be canceled. It's times like these that I do not like being in the military.

Please don't misunderstand me I love being an Airman, but sometimes someone in authority needs to stop and think about what is going on and weigh EVERYONE'S situation and make a command decision.

That was written over five years ago by way of introduction to my life.  Now, I've been in the Air Force for just over seven years and I still have ups and downs.  All in all though I've had a good career so far and I absolutely love my current assignment.  I finally got the chance to move overseas and I'm in Okinawa, Japan actually doing the job that I joined the Air Force to do.  I've been doing fairly well with continuing this blog and I'm slightly proud of the work I've done here even though this is really just a hobby of mine and I don't intend to get anything out of it.  I've recently started sharing my blogging on various Google+ communities and I'm glad I did, because it's already fostered some good discussion and introduced me to new friends.

Welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy!