Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Faith and Philosophy Blog Carnival, Mar 2013, 2nd Edition

Jana presents DECIDING..And It's Significance To Creation and Manifestation::Because Life is Effortless::Wisdom Ink and The Good Stuff of Life both posted at

Ashley Reid presents two entries one, Lent 2013: Giving Up a Vengeful Spirit and Accepting Grace and the other, Lent 2013: Where are Your Accusers? both posted at The Real.

Rob Graumans presents A Defence of Relativism | The Young Socrates posted at The Young Socrates.

Joshua Tilghman presents Meditating into the God Within and Will the Esoteric Jesus Please Stand Up? both posted at The Spirit of the Scripture.

Jocelyn Crawley presents Some Suppositions on Spiritual Death posted at Jocelyn Crawley.

Terence Stone presents Realizing the Divine Within: embracing presence posted at urban spiritual.

Ron Moser presents The Key to Unlocking Bible Prophesy posted at Where Eagles Gather (and other sayings of Christ).

Jonathan Grant presents several entries, How Can I Know God’s Will?, The Secret to Never Being Wrong!, The Most Important Thing to Do in an Argument (which no one ever does), The truth behind global warming and climate change (It's not what you think), How to Stop Worrying, and Is the Church using brainwashing techniques? all posted at Questions & Answers About Life.

Ashumi Shah presents The Hero of our Age. (Part 1 of 3) posted at The Salty Sardines.

Byteful Travel presents Why Non-Attachment is my Key to Happiness posted at Byteful Travel.

John presents Honor God, Honor Others and Honor Yourself posted at Fearless Men.

Justin Allison presents Tech Thoughts on the “Religion of Innovation” posted at

These are the final entries for the second edition of the Faith and Philosophy blog carnival for March 2013. Any further entries will be added to the April edition.

Same caveat as last month's iteration of the blog carnival, I don't necessarily agree with everything said in the entries, in fact I outright disagree with some of them but as they are about having faith or some part of philosophy they met the criteria for inclusion in the carnival. One other note, future carnival editions will NOT include pictures from the various entries. That process makes the prep time for the carnival about double what it would be if I left the pictures off so next edition won't include any photos from the entries, though I might share one of my own photos just to liven up the edition. Thanks for all the submissions and all the future submissions; I look forward to more editions with many more entries about faith and philosophy.