Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Faith and Philosophy Blog Carnival, August 2013, 7th Edition

Sarah Bernstein presents Meditation Schmeditation posted at YourZenFriend.

Richard Toney presents The Lions Well: The Visage posted at The Lions Well.

Sophia Jevone presents Your Life Depends on This… posted at Sophia Jevone.

Tehra Burton presents Saturday. posted at sex will save us.

Ryan Tasker presents Spirituality – Why I Can’t Get Mad At People posted at Unlimited Boundaries.

Loago presents Appreciate Your Future Now posted at Blog - Law of Attraction Living and Career Coach.

Two different Sophias had entries this month what are the chances?

As usual, I don't agree with every entry. It seems that there are lots of spiritualists out there. It's sad to see faith placed in one's own ability to overcome one's own sin and brokenness. Without forgiveness all the faith in the world is worthless.  I'm considering narrowing the focus of this carnival.  Maybe taking out the faith.  I have faith, but I have faith in a creator-God that loves and cares about creation, who provided a saving sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sin.  Faith in nothing or faith in a nameless faceless power that everyone is in everyone/everything and is everyone/everything is not the kind of faith this carnival was meant to discuss.  The goal was to find philosophical, rational, evidence-based faith, not purely experience based faith.  Don't misunderstand me, I'm all for self-control and meditation of a sort, but I don't want to keep publishing a carnival that spreads spiritualism that goes against everything I believe.