Sunday, December 8, 2013

Faith and Philosophy Blog Carnival, December 2013, 11th Edition

Joshua Tilghman presents Life and Death in the Tongue posted at The Spirit of the Scripture.

Only one (again, and late) submission for the blog carnival this month.

Though I completely disagree with the actual veracity of this particular entry and what I consider hyper-spiritualization of a biblical message, it does technically fit the topic of relating philosophical content with faith.

As this carnival has really died over the year that I've been doing it, I think I might confirm what I've been considering for a few months.  The next month's edition will be the last edition that I host.  If any of you are interested in taking over hosting, feel free to contact me.  I have often felt alone in my views and this carnival has done nothing to change that.  Even though I have found many like-minded individuals' blogs (see my links page, I'll be adding more and more links there as I find them) I haven't connected any of them with this carnival.  Thank you all for reading I hope you continue to follow my own blog even with the discontinuation of this carnival.