Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pop Culture

I think I've decided... I hate pop culture. Among other things but I really detest American pop culture. I have been blessed with being able to sit around and do things I really enjoy the last few days and this morning I sat and read the paper over lunch. Well, a couple things really hit me: first, I hate politics. I love the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and I've often wondered if one could do something like that these days. It drives me crazy, also because so many people are so passionate about their political views. I really don't care about politics in general and it bothers me how much politicians can change the nation when in reality they're just people, and we all know that all people are flawed.

Secondly, I hate pop culture. There was a mini-article about Maria Carey posing nude while 9 months pregnant with twins. WHAT!? Are you serious!? Who would do this? She's quoted in the article saying something about being nervous about doing this but wanted to share this important time in her life with her "true fans." First off, it's sad that nudity and sexual perversion has become so commonplace that the fact that she's naked doesn't seem to bother people. Then, it's scary how fans get so enamored with these "stars" that they start to think they have some real connection with these uber-rich-often-aloof-self-centered entertainers. It's particularly scary that some of these stars seem to drink up that attention and revel in it so much that they seem to fall victim to the same problem, thinking they have some real connection to these fan(atics).

I know this isn't really feasible and it's not what I should do (either as a Christian or responsible member of society), but I really want to become a hermit or at least live a hermit-like life. I know I shouldn't bury my head in the sand and ignore the changes in the world but I definitely don't want to welcome these things with open arms. So, I have this delicate balancing act to try to walk where I can be among this messed up society but not be tainted by it. Though the scary thing about that is in the old analogy my dad used to say all the time... "The gloves get muddy, the mud doesn't get 'glovey.'"