Friday, June 22, 2012

Health and Fitness

Do you ever feel old?  I feel old today.  I've had a sore foot all day and a sore knee all day, it seems like age has hit me harder today that usual.  I know I'm not the most healthy person, I don't diet (other than the see-food diet) and I'm not really in shape (though round is a shape).  That being said I do try to workout and I enjoy running and my Saturday bike rides are fun.  It seems like my diet must really be the main problem in taking off weight.

According to a rough BMI calculator (height to weight ratio) I'm obese.  It's tough because I love food, and I continually eat too much food.  I workout, probably more than the average person, I workout with out unit physical training sessions three days a week, then on Saturday mornings I go for a bike ride with a pretty fast club.  Then on Sunday morning I run with a local group that runs (fairly slowly) between 6-8.5 miles.  Oh, on top of that I spend one or two nights hitting my heavy punching bag for 6-8 rounds alternating jump rope and hitting the bag with various styles.

WHY then can't I seem to lose any weight!?  Why does it seem like my body is breaking down.  I'm not old!  I think it's time to buckle down and change my diet.

Does anyone else have this type of problem?  I can't be the only one that exercises but still can't lose weight.  It seems like in the past I've never had a problem with weight, not that I ate any healthier just that I worked out enough that it didn't seem to matter what I ate.  Now it seems that no matter how much I workout I can't lose weight consistently.