Thursday, June 6, 2013

Faith and Philosophy Blog Carnival, June 2013, 5th Edition

Jonathan Grant presents several entries: How Our Relationship with God Works!, Are There Errors in the Bible?, 10 Ways to Not be a Judgmental Hypocrite!, and Secret to Getting Closer to God all posted at Questions & Answers About Life.

AJ Turner presents The Seventh Time |, Overcome Day 6 and Overcome Day 10 all posted at AJ Turner's Blog, Encouraging, Equipping, Empowering.

Diane Mottl, MSW presents Profound moments… posted at Being Truly Present.

Jason Hess presents Let Your Words Be Life posted at eckSermonator.

Melanie Caldicott presents How to Stay Connected to God posted at Essential Thing Devotions.

Tiheasha Beasley presents The “S” Word: Sometimes its hard to explain! posted at Banner of Modesty.

Thank you to all those that have submitted their work for this month's edition so far, as new entries are sent in I'll update this edition.  The standard caveat applies, I don't necessarily agree with all the ideas presented but I hope you all enjoy reading the various perspectives regarding faith and or philosophy.  Next month's edition will be posted here on the 6th of July.