Saturday, February 2, 2013

Best Wife Ever

I don't commonly talk about my wife, but I'd like to brag.

Do you have money?  Do you ever have trouble managing that money?  My wife doesn't!  She can take the little that I make in the military and save and manage it so well that we pretty much get anything we want or need any time we want.  We regularly give to church and another ministry, and have more than enough to do fun stuff like the mini-vacation that we just finished.  Before we left, seemly on a whim, my wife bought me a Nikon D600.  If you don't know cameras, just know it's a very expensive camera, to the tune of $2,000 just for the body.  Also I got a new lens about $600.  I know I said "seemingly on a whim," but in reality I've been checking out this camera for months.  This actually presents a (slight) problem.  What kind of gifts do you give a woman that has everything she needs, and since we get pretty much whatever we want whenever we want.

I know it's tough, but my wife does very well even without me.  I have to spend months abroad with my job in the military, even so, my wife takes such good care of our two boys even homeschooling them.  She cooks, cleans, teaches, manages money, and takes good care of our family in general.  I love her so much.  I need to do more to help her, and I'm glad to be home because it gives me the chance to do so.  I want to give back to her.

Today I was able to give back to her by giving her a girls' day out.  I need more ideas of ways to give back to her.  We've been talking about doing an anniversary getaway at the resort where we recently spent a couple days.  There's a gorgeous little cabin with a private beach, hopefully we can reserve it for a couple days to celebrate our anniversary in a couple weeks.

So what do I get for the woman who has everything?

Just one of the views from the resort