Friday, February 8, 2013

Faith and Philosophy Blog Carnival, Feb 2013, 1st Edition

Meredith at  snow & mist presents: "nakkaq | to fall headlong, dive, plunge" a blog about faith and falling on one's face as an appropriate reaction to God's Goodness.  View the blog at this link,

Rick Schiano presents "The Victory is Mine" about overcoming negativity.  View the blog at this link,

Jana Moreno offers insight into "Self-mastery: Dictating Your Vibration From Within," view the blog at this link,

Raquel presents "We Are the Church," about not playing at church.  View blog at this link,

Justin Allison presents "Roundup 2/12 Christian Writing," about the digital age and the need for discourse, contemplation, and critical inspection of the great variety of available writings about biblical topics.  View the entry at this link,

Joshua Tilghman presents "Jesus’ Simple Parable on Raising Awareness" on the parable of the virgins and being prepared.  View the entry at this link,

Shelby Martin presents "What Parents Need to Know to Raise a Polite Child" about parents and raising polite children.  View the entry at

ThorNews presents "Pastor: The Sami Flag is Ugly and Full of Occult Symbols" about one pastor's very opinionated view of the Sami people's flag.  View the entry at

John presents "Fearless. Am I?" about understanding fear.  View the entry at

Jana Moreno presents "Finding Peace In Our Day-To-Day Lives" about quieting one's mind and looking for peace within.  View the entry at

Terence Stone presents "Simplicity of Meditation" about some ways to focus and meditate.  View the entry at

These are the entries so far for this month's edition of the Faith and Philosophy Blog Carnival.  Any further entries will be added to next month's edition.  Thank you all for your submissions!

Final caveat, these entries don't always reflect my views.  As the author of the host blog, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness, I'm not filtering entries by my opinion, rather if they are in the topic set forth in the blog carnival page.  There was only one entry that wasn't on the topic, it was an advertisement for something.  Many of the entries in this month's edition are not of the same faith that I hold.  That doesn't mean that I (and you as my readers) can't learn from them or be challenged by them.  I hope you enjoy this and future Faith and Philosophy Blog Carnival entries.

--Samuel Ronicker